Recycled Wood Guitar Bodies

We have begun making guitar bodies from salvaged wood.

Salvaged wood is basically reclaimed timber, wood that was used in construction and buildings or furniture. We reuse and reshape these discarded gems and make them into a guitar. This means that the timber we use is now upcycled, repurposed and recycled. Each guitar we make is therefore unique.

The example below is made from salvaged pieces of wood that were off cuts from the construction of a house roof.

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Each piece of timber was glued, doweled and clamped together and the guitar shape was drawn onto the face. The first part of the journey is documented below.

Recycled Wood Guitar Body

Busy day in the workshop... 

Rough cutting out a guitar body made from recycled materials. Next step the chisels and sander, then carve out the neck pocket and pickup holes.

Recycled Wood Guitar Body

Neck pocket created and the body shape is more precisely shaped. No electric carpentry tools were harmed in this production. Next step cut out the pickup and control panel holes...


Fender Squier Body – #stratocaster #luthier #guitarbody #fender

These are the best bodies to build a perfect partscaster or upgrade you Squier Bullet. I have fitted genuine Fender Mexican necks to these bodies in the past and they are a superb combination as good as, if not better than a genuine Mexican Stratocaster. The general consensus is that SE bodies are made from Agathis, although some were apparently made from Alder.

This SE body is from approximately 2000 and has a few dents, bumps and scratches but still has its deep shine.

  • Body weight with strap buttons 2.012kg
  • Neck pocket 56mm wide (± 0.5 mm Deviation)
  • Thickness 45mm (± 0.5 mm Deviation)
  • Includes strap buttons

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