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Guitar Treasure Trove in Devon

Visit our website, we have a treasure chest full of recycled and refurbished guitar parts. We also bundle up spares together and sell them at a low price. We have a load of spares from broken, discarded and recycled guitars we have dismantled - chrome parts including tremolo assembly, 10mm machine heads, jack plug socket, strap buttons plus more. All parts are tested before putting up for sale. We also stock individual items, like those listed above as well as others including: scratchplates, necks, pickups, humbuckers, bridges, engraved neck plates etc. About Rat Bait Guitars If you are looking for a unique and eco-friendly electric guitar, you might want to check out Rat Bait Guitars, a UK-based company that makes hand built guitars from recycled materials. Rat Bait Guitars are different from other guitars in several ways. First of all, they are made from recycled materials gathered from various sources, such as old furniture, fen

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